I have struggled with anxiety for quite a while now. For over a year I was on anxiety medication. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I wanted to see how I would do off of it. Just the feeling of having to be dependent on prescription medication scares me. I figured if I tried a few other things and nothing worked well, I could always go back on it.

As I started to come off of the medication, I wanted to look into some natural remedies to help curb my daily anxiety. I’m excited to share that I have found some natural medications that have really helped me. Full disclosure: I always recommend chatting with your doctor and/or therapist before trying to come off of a prescribed medication or trying something new. Many medications come with side effects if you stop prolonged use, and every person is different.

Firstly, I have been taking a vitamin for anxiety called SAME. This natural anxiety supplement just helps me to feel grounded. I was talking to a friend, and I told her that within a week, I just felt lighter. It helped me stop feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I had no intention of sharing this supplement so quickly, but I truly felt results within a week, and I felt comfortable sharing with this community. Secondly, I’m currently taking Vitamin D3. This was recommended to me by my therapist. Before I started it, I also checked with my doctor. I’ve noticed such an extreme improvement!

Overall, I will continue with both SAME and Vitamin D3. I’ve been so pleased seeing the effects of both of them. I am excited to be treating my anxiety with more natural remedies that actually work! If you have any natural anxiety remedies you’ve found, please share them in the comments below.